We Design, Construct, and Install Cellars


Our High Density Polyethylene cellar is built with a steel reinforced profile which provides durability and stability. The steel prevents buckling and eliminates concerns of typical profile wall HDPE. It’s lightweight so that it can be easily handled and quickly installed. Its high performance in crack resistance, tensile strength, and modulus of elasticity make it a popular choice for a variety of projects. Our HDPE cellars range from 6 to 8 feet but can also be prepared to a specific size.

Custom Fabricated Cellars

Durability is crucial, which is why our custom fabricated cellars are built with half inch steel plate and  are welded together to create a solid, water-tight seal. Each cellar has four exits for Flare Line; optional ladders can be built for easy access and prevents the need for a confined space permit. Well Service Group also includes a recessed lid for each cellar which provides a safe walking environment for foot traffic. Need a custom size? No problem. We can fabricate our cellars to any custom size based on the needs of the project.

Tinhorn Cellars

The Tinhorn Cellars are a basic cellar and are a great economically friendly option. They are built with corrugated steel and, like our other cellar options, can be sized to any project. Secondary services included with our Tinhorn Cellars are delivery, installation, and plastic application.

Cellar Installation

Well Service Group provides delivery and installation services for all of our types of cellars. We contribute our own installation equipment including Excavators, Skid Steers, Loaders, and more. No matter the cellar, Well Service Group has a number of different techniques to seal containment to the cellars to create a water tight seal.