Your One Stop Service Solution

Site Configuration

Every location our company services is unique. Customer, rig, and amount of space are all factors which plays a role in how a site is configured. Well Service Group sets ourselves apart by our ability to plan the site location. Before site installation, a Supervisor will go to the location to take site dimensions and work with the company man to design the site layout. This helps Well Service Group to install a site efficiently which saves our customer time and money.

 Rig Washing

After deconstruction of the rig, each part needs to be thoroughly cleaned before it is hauled off of the site. Well Service Group maintains a fleet of 9 double wand pressure washers to tackle these projects. Our state of the art washers have 3,000 PSI per wand, and comes in an enclosed trailer which runs on diesel heat. Biodegradable chemicals are used during the washing process which prevents environmental containment.

Site Clean-Ups

Sites can get dirty quickly which is why Well Service Group provides the manpower and equipment to clean rig mats, liners, and anything in between. We currently have 2 water trucks which can hold up to 80 BBL and have a fleet of 9 double wand pressure washers. Well Service Group can also provide regular and recycling dumpsters for any clean up. No matter the size of the project, we have the ability to complete it.


Versatility is important which is why we can truck a variety of materials from rig mats, drill pipe, to containment products. Our fleet is prepared to haul anything from a half ton truck to an 18 wheeler and we will provide transportation services up to 17,000 lbs.  We have an emergency hotline open 24/7 and we stand by our quick response guarantee. Hotshot is also available for on-site transfers.

Heating Shelters

Winter elements can freeze pipes and shut down your whole operation; be prepared for this winter season with our heating shelters. They are 60% more efficient than conventional systems, disperse heat evenly and deliver heat directly to the desired targets. Not only are they durable enough to withstand the coldest temperatures and winds, they are easy to transport. One quick install is all you need to keep operations functional no matter the season.

Rig Welding & Fab Shop

No matter if it’s an overnight rush project or a long term job, we’re still going. Not only can we repair or weld rigs and all of their components, we can custom fabricate any project. Our past projects include Pipe Racks, Sub Shakers, Crash Cages, custom Cellars, Cellar Grates and custom Manifolds.


Well Service Group has full Roustabout service available and are outfitted with the necessary truck and tools to complete any type of projects. We provide on call service as well as contracted work for any length of time. Our 24/7 service line is available for rush or emergency needs.