Safety Always

Safety and Risk Management

Well Service Group believes that the prevention of accidents is both a moral obligation and good business. Well Service Group’s safety programs are based on the company’s principle that every employee is entitled to a safe and healthful workplace free of recognizable hazards. Well Service Group continuously invests in safety and recognizes that the protection of our employees, property, the public and the environment is essential to an effective, successful completion of each project. Safety is not just a priority — it is a core value at Well Service Group.

Accident Prevention

Well Service Group has established an accident prevention program that includes formal safety inspections, audits and industry-specific safety training. Safety responsibility is shared at every level of the organization, from the president all the way through to the craft workforce. Well Service Group’s managers, supervisors and employees are trained to identify and correct any unsafe acts and conditions.

Measuring Safety

Well Service Group has developed a safety tracking system that enables the staff to track their safety performance. Well Service Group focuses on trends, best practices and upstream indicators for a proactive approach to safety management.

Employee Empowerment

Well Service Group believes that each employee has an obligation to prevent incidents and to protect the environment. We empower our employees to conduct business in a way that proactively integrates all applicable elements of our safety program into our operations. Employees are introduced to our “Safety Always” culture on the first day of employment.